The Sweet Nirvana Collection

Sweet Nirvana Bakery produces the freshest and tastiest cannabis delectables
that you can find. Enjoy the products we craft by hand responsibly,
we want you to keep coming back for more!



Jamrocks are discreet and delicious RSO infused hard candies becoming famous for their exceptional value and long lasting effects. They are conveniently dosed so you have total control of your experience.  Enjoy these great tasting flavors: Apple, Blackberry, Grape, Lemonade and Strawberry Kiwi.


We pride ourselves for producing high quality cones at industry leading low prices. Made with flower from the finest growers in the Northwest, the Rockit Conez sleek shape provides a smooth, even burn when correctly lit; (tip: light it like a cigar, roll it!) Comes in a convenient tear-away a-la-carte style packaging. Rockit Conez: Amsterdam Inspired, Space Suit Required.


Do you favor Sativas or do you prefer Indicas? Compliment your favorite strains with our Sour Sativa and Sour Indica options!  Experience the entourage effect. Cold processed triple filtered Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) preserves dozens of active cannabinoids and often overlooked terpenes.  Fat-free, gluten free, dairy free and vegan. The candies are available in convenient, resealable, 10mg, 50mg and 100mg bottles that prevent the candies from being crushed.


High quality chocolate covered orange gummy slices infused with a
perfect dose of cannabis concentrate provide a unique and delicious
experience. Comes in a mix of white and milk chocolate with a drizzle
of chocolate on top. Hands down Groovy Chews are one of the most
delicious products in cannabis history and we are one of the few
companies to offer this luxury product to the cannabis customer.



One of our latest products that is gaining in popularity, the Puck is
a cannabis infused crème cookie covered in chocolate, sure to
satisfy even the sweetest of sweet-tooth’s. Simple, delicious, and
strong, this decadent delight comes complete with a chocolate
cannabis leaf on top making this treat as beautiful as it is tasty.


These bite sized treats pack a punch of 10mg THC for every bite.
Available in Peanut Butter Bliss or Chewy Chocolate Brownie,
these bites are moist, soft and delicious! Each bite is packaged in
plastic cups to prevent being smashed during transit. People often
tell us that these edibles are stronger than the average treat, even
though they are dosed exactly the same. Try it for yourself!


Containing, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), this product is made in small
batches for greater quality control and consistency. Offering the
highest purity and lowest residual solvent based concentrate,
our Rockit Oil with RSO is world famous for it’s medical benefits
and it’s long lasting powerful effects. Cold processed and triple
filtered, this product lives up to it’s name!


A staple of our classic treats, a cookie by Sweet Nirvana consistently
beats the competition in taste tests. We offer a wide variety of flavors
including chocolate chip, white chocolate chip macadamia nut, oatmeal,
and double chocolate chunk. Made by hand in small batches, these
industry leading treats offer the same great experience to our
customers every single time!


The most sought-after concentrate form on the market today; created using only heat and pressure with high quality flower in a simple 2-stage, multi-press, multi-temperature process leaving an ultra clean concentrate. This is fresh squeezed cannabis at it’s finest, no solvents used whatsoever! Our containers are made of recyclable plastic and the child-proof lids are reusable.


We select only the most reliable vaporizers on the market. User-friendly design, pre-charged battery and pre-loaded with Tasty Toke vape liquid to provide a trouble-free vaporizing experience. Heavily tested to ensure maximum reliability, comes with carrying tube to prevent breakage and failures. Each pen comes with approx. 250 puffs.


Introducing one of our most innovative (and discreet) products found in the industry. This unique breath spray is available in high THC and high CBD options. 2.5 mg THC per spray means you can easily dose to your comfort level as it was designed with the on-the-go user in mind. No smoke, no smell, no problems; enjoy a fresh minty breath with that subtle tingle of world-class cannabis concentrate.

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